UA ZENSEN with 1.79 million membership

On 6th November, 2012, UI ZENSEN and JSD created a new union, UA ZENSEN, which is the largest industrial union in Japan. It represents 1.79 million members from 2,333affiliates (as of Sep. 2019).

UA ZENSEN covers various industries which is closely related to people’s daily life, such as textile, garment, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical, energy, ceramic, building material, food, commerce, printing, leisure, service, restaurant, welfare, medical, as well as temporary agency and contract work

UA stands for :

Organizational Structure

Organizational Structure
General Affairs and Finance Group General Affairs Bureau
Finance Bureau
Organizing Group Organizing Bureau
Education and Social Movement Bureau
(Central Education Center)
Welfare and Mutual Aid Bureau
Policy Group Policy and Labour Bureau
Part-time Workers Bureau
Political Affairs Bureau
Policy Support Center
Planning and Information Group Planning and Information Bureau
Publicity Bureau
Gender Equality Bureau
International Affairs Bureau

Membership Structure

By size of affiliated unions
Membership Number of unions
1-99 1,198
100-299 458
300-999 352
1,000-2,999 192
3,000- 132
Membership Structure



2025 UA ZENSEN Mid-term Vision

2025 UA ZENSEN Mid-term Vision(PDF)